Recent Articles

“Intention” in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Literature, ed. John Frow. Oxford University Press, (2019).

Techne and the Making of Poems and Suits.” Number, Measure, Scale: Proceedings from theCenter for Eighteenth-Century Studies Sixteenth Annual Workshop (2019): 136-138.

“Anonymity, Intention, Motive, and Evelina.”English Literary History, 82.4 (2015): 1135-1158.

“Attribution and Repetition: The Case of Defoe and The Circulating Library.”Eighteenth-Century Life, 36.2 (2012): 36-59.

“Reading (And Not Reading) Anonymity: Daniel Defoe, An Essay on the Regulation of the Press and A Vindication of the Press.”Authorship, 4.1 (2015).

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